General Gunsmithing Work
Parts are not included in this pricing guide
Prices qouted are subject to change
P.O.R = Price on Request

 Hourly Labor Rate  $75.00 per hour                                       
 Machine Hourly Rate    $85.00 per hour
 Minimum Charge per Firearm  $25.00
 Written Appraisals/ Estimates  $25.00
 Appraisals are performed using real world comparable sales, not just a “Value” book.
 Clean and Lubricate Firearm*- Includes complete disassembly, detail clean and inspection, If any deficiencies are found you  will be advised before any corrections are made. Your firearm is re -assembled and lubricated with synthetic lubricants 
 (Tetra) and bench tested for function.
 Rifle $60.00
 Shotgun- Single    $60.00
 Shotgun- Double    $75.00
 Handgun $60.00
* Heavily leaded/plastic and or copper fouled firearms may incur additional cost. You will be advised beforehand if this is the case. Some boxlock and sidelock may as well incur additional cost.
 Remove obstruction from bore Hourly Rate (½ hour min.)
 Remove stuck case from Chamber  Hourly Rate (½ hour min.)
 Remove Live Round $100.00 min.
 Test Fire Customer’s Firearm  $30.00
 Sight in and zero customers’ Firearm Labor Hour-1 Hour min.
 Note- Ammunition cost not included on the above services. Muzzleloaders additional due to post fire cleaning.
Bore Sighting  $30.00
 Scope Mounting (Drilled Rec.)  $40.00 
 Check Headspace  $25.00
 Lap & Polish Bore $50.00
 Re-cut Crown  $40.00
 Install Aftermarket Trigger Group  $45.00
 Glass Bed and Float Barrel  $100.00 min
 Glass Bed, Pillar Bed and Float Barrel  $150.00 min
 Install Recoil Pad  $50.00 min
 Muzzleloading Gunsmithing  P.O.R

 Remove Lead from Forcing Cone  $50.00
 Straighten Crane  $50.00 min
 Smooth Action $65.00 min
 Bob hammer spur  $50.00
 Smooth Action $65.00 min
 Lower and Modify Ejection Port  $60.00
 Fit New Thumb Safety  $40.00
 Tune & Polish Extractor  $25.00
 Polish Feed Ramp and Barrel Throat  $40.00
 Bevel Magazine Well  $40.00
 Fit New Trigger-This is not a “Trigger Job” $25.00
 Fit New Hammer  $50.00
 Cut Frame and Install “Beavertail” Safety $125.00
 Stipple Front Strap  $50.00
 Hand Checker Front Strap-20, 25 or 50 L.P.I.  $150.00 +
 De-Horn pistol for carry $75.00 min.
 Sight replacement/upgrades 
 Note, with the variety of sights available such as STI, Novak, Heinie etc. prices will be quoted for the particular work being performed.
 Other Custom Work

While we are a full service Gunsmithing service and we are familiar with all disciplines of the firearm trade, we do tend to specialize in semi automatic rifles and pistols. If you have a rifle in the following platforms we are the one stop shop for all of your needs
AR 15 and AR10
Kalashnikov pattern i.e. AK 47, AK 74, and PSL etc.
Heckler and Koch pattern i.e. G3, HK 91, HK 93, and PTR 91
FN 49
But don’t let the fact that we tend toward the semi automatic rifles deter you from letting us assist you with your other firearm needs. Whether you need the venerable 1911 worked over for a reliability package or the action cleaned up on your revolver to the extractor replaced on your Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590 we would like the opportunity to serve you. We are a factory certified Glock and SigSauer factory certified Armorer and with more certifications on the way we are able to serve you, our customers better. But we aren’t done yet. With a very long and extensive background in Traditional Muzzleloading firearms we can handle anything from a top shelf custom build to all phases of Muzzleloading and Black Powder Gunsmithing.

A few of the manufacturers we service:
Armalite-Bushmaster-Colt-DPMS-Knights Armament-Rock River-Stag Arms-Saber Defense-LMT-LWRC-Noveske-Smith & Wesson-Springfield Armory-Ruger-Heckler & Koch-Kimber-Para Ordinance-Remington-Mossberg-Savage-Benelli- Winchester-Taurus-Henry Repeating Arms-CZ-JLD/PTR Inc.-Thompson Center- CVA- Lyman

Note-This is not an exclusive list of what we service, just a small example. 

Handgun Gunsmithing Price List
Parts are not included in this pricing guide.
Price does not include any re-finish work, quoted separately..

welcome to B & P Tactical Services, North Metro Denver's Premier Gunsmithing Service.

Semi Auto Rifle 
 Install “Floating” Fore end $70.00
 Cut Down Factory Sight Base  and Parkerize $50.00
 Install Clamp Style Gas Block $25.00
 Cut, Crown and Thread Barrel (See Note Below)  $75.00-$125.00 (Variable according to firearm)
 Permanently Install Muzzle Device  $40.00
 Change out Barrel  Hourly Rate
 Install and Time Flash hider/Muzzle Device  $25.00
 Assemble Lower Receiver  $35.00
 Install Buttstock  $25.00
 Install & Adjust Match Trigger   $65.00 min
 Smooth Factory Trigger  $65.00 min
 AK Platform  
 Thread muzzle for 14x1 L.H.  $100.00
 Repair “Canted” Front Sight Base  $50.00
 Smooth Factory Trigger $45.00 min
 Install & Adjust Match Trigger  $35.00 min
 Any work not listed will be P.O.R  
 Note- Barrels will only be cut and threaded to legal limits. If you have a N.F.A. Tax Stamp for a “Short Barreled Rifle” you will be required to get approval from the N.F.A Branch prior to any alteration of said firearm. We will require an ink signed copy of this approval.
Furniture/Stock Refinishing 
 Furniture refinishing for all firearm types is available. As finish types vary widely so does pricing for this work. Whether you 
 desire a hand rubbed linseed oil finish to a modern Polyurethane finish we will be glad to serve you. Please contact us for a 
 concise quote.
 Metal Finishing
 Again finishes vary widely depending on the type of firearm and intended use. Please contact us for a concise quote. Here 
 are a few of the processes offered: 
 Parkerizing  P.O.R.
 Media Blasting  P.O.R.
In summary we offer a wide variety of quality, reasonably priced services.
The services noted above are not all we perform, rather examples of common work performed. If you have a need for services not listed please contact us.
All work performed is in compliance with B.A.T.F Regulations, NFA and Section 922r.

B & P Tactical Services