All through this time I have continued to be as passionate for the art of the firearm as ever, be it building traditional muzzle loaders to repairing and or customizing a 1911 or AR platform rifle. Over the years the knowledge has grown as has the experience gained being the best teacher. Now with retirement a couple of years away it is time to pursue the art of the firearm……..the true culmination of metal craft. 

I strive that every job be better than the last and you will never hear me say “It’s good enough”. 

So come inside and take a look around, we are bound to offer the quality services you need.

welcome to B & P Tactical Services, North Metro Denver's Premier Gunsmithing Service.

Located in Northglenn, Colorado we offer quality repairs, customizations and Armorers services at a reasonable cost and rapid turnaround times. Available by appointment only, we are a Federal and State licensed, insured and certified O1 licensed FFL, but as we focus purely on the art of Gunsmithing  WE CONDUCT NO SALES OR TRANSFERS. We are also a full service machine shop, so even if firearms are not your area of interest we will be pleased to serve your machining needs.

A little bit about who we are:

B & P Tactical Services was founded in 2007 to provide quality and reasonable Gunsmithing services to the firearms enthusiast. I have had a passion for firearms and the crafts involved as long as I can recall and luckily parents that not only tolerated it, but encouraged it. After high school I received a formal education in traditional “free” machining and I excelled at it. I worked in the trade for 12 years under the best machinist I ever knew (Thanks Jim) until marriage and kids came along and then I was blessed enough to land employment with a state entity where I have been for the last 23 years. 

B & P Tactical Services